Back in 2005, on a hilltop village in Mojacar, Souther Spain I married Ed.  The boy who I met on the first day of university and who, for the whole of freshers week smelled of TCP (that’s another story).

Eighty of our dearest friends and family flew out to see us tie the knot in the sunshine on that glorious may day.

Before the ceremony my dad and I had made our way from our hotel next to the sea, up the windy roads to Mojacar pueblo by taxi where we were dropped off to walked up through the cobbled streets to the village hall.

There was a moment up there on the hillside in the mellow heat of the afternoon, a moment where time stood still.  A warm breeze was drifting through the streets, locals were smiling at us out from high-up windows and balconies and we walked slowly, my dad joking that he felt like Don Corleone in his hat and suit.  I knew that this moment would pass in the blink of an eye but I remember closing my eyes for a brief second and thinking….

This.  Now.

The dappled sunlight through bougainvillea, the white-washed houses and the distant sound of a scooter weaving it’s way through the streets.  My dress was blowing the soft breeze and I just had this overwhelming desire to keep this moment, to hold it forever.

Looking back I wasn’t really thinking of it in the context of photography as this was way before I even had the first hint of interest in picking up a camera but I’m sure now, that that was the first spark of something in me that lead me into the world of photography.  I still think back to that moment and understand now that with a day as magical and wonderful as a wedding day it is as much about capturing the little things, the emotion, the smallest details as it is about the bigger things.

Other than quite traditional images I don’t have any that remind me of the very essence of the day.  I have those beautiful memories, of course but I think because of that moment on the hillside I realise that my mission as a wedding photographer is to capture the heart and soul of a wedding, not just how it looked on the surface.

There is a huge vast world of wedding photographers out there but if you think my style and my approach to weddings connects with how you see your special day, then let’s have a chat.  I’d love to learn more about your story.

Lucy x


Lucy x

The digital wedding package includes approximately 400 – 500 high resolution, edited images

Access to images via your own personal website

Engagement/ Pre-wedding shoot (this must take place within 20 miles of Southam, Warwickshire) subject to availability of dates (it is possible to shoot this at other locations but 


Wedding package prices start at £1500

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