I’m married to Ed and we have three children, Ella, Henry & Ollie.  We live in a cottage in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside, with a sweet little orchard and  an abundance of animals.

Discovering a passion for photography has been one of the most rewarding things in my life.  Before I even had a seed of an idea that photography was for me, I had this overwhelming need to capture the beauty all around me.  As a kid, I used to stare out of the car window at the hills and valleys that whizzed by on a long journey and wish that I could stop and somehow just absorb it all.

I remember vividly on my own wedding day … the very same feeling.  Ed and I were married in an ancient hill-top village in southern Spain.  All of our friends and family were gathered in the village hall, which was hidden deep within the winding, cobbled streets.  My dad and I had to wait until we had the signal to start walking and as I stood there in the warm sunlight, I just thought to myself… ‘this’… For me it was never about the dress or the flowers, it was about the emotions, the feelings, the light, the warmth, the colour, the anticipation, excitement and the love.  I somehow wanted to bottle all of that and hold it somewhere close to me forever.

Years later, when I finally pieced together all of the clues and discovered that photography was a calling for me, it all made sense.  When I take photographs I do it with curiosity and honesty, I do it to capture emotion and connection and I believe wholeheartedly that our stories are what connects us all.

I consider myself as a photographer to be squarely in the category of ‘quiet observer’.  I love to capture what I see … I don’t do contrived or staged.  I like daydreaming and wandering.  One of my very favourite things to do is to explore, camera in hand, half-lost in a foreign town or city.