Well, I have been so bad at blogging that I actually forgot/lost my password details and had to go through a lengthy (and very dull) rigmarole of retrieving it all.  Anyway, lesson learned and I think I am going to try and force myself to blog at least once a week.  We’ll see.  So what better to start this new resolution that with some images I took at new year on our wonderful trip to the Seychelles to see my brother and his fiancee.

It’s hard to explain just how beautiful this collection of islands in the Indian Ocean is.  You can look at brochures and images on the internet but until you set foot there you can’t fully appreciate just how incredible it is.  I know my photographs don’t go any way to doing it justice either but it’s something… I couldn’t NOT take pictures really although one one particular day we took a boat trip to an island called Curieuse which is an old leper colony and actually to not be able to take my camera was a great gift in disguise.  Of course, had I had it I would have been trying to photograph it all but as it was, I couldn’t and so I just soaked it all in.  We saw a pod of dolphins encircle our boat, we met giant tortoises and trekked across mangrove swamps.   Curieuse was other-worldly in it’s beauty.  The water was as still and clear as glass and granite rocks towered above us as we sat in the warm shallows on a deserted beach.  Our trip was unforgettable, not least because it was just fabulous to see Will & Lizzee and see the paradise island they now call home.  Whilst my photographs certainly don’t capture all the beauty of the islands they are a lot better than my words so here goes…

What a place.  What a holiday.


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