I love, love, love France but have never been to the Dordogne.  From the minute I arrived I just fell in love with the area.  Blue skies and endless fields of sunflowers were amongst the many selling points for me and on top of it all I had the privilege of photographing the gloriously beautiful wedding of Michaela and Matthew.  Chateau De Fayolle is a place that you would never just stumble across on a drive around the Dordogne countryside.  It is hidden down a quiet little lane and nestled in amongst woodlands and alongside even more fields of sunflowers.  The Chateau itself is straight out of a fairy tale or historic romance novel, with ivy climbing up just about every wall, an array of blooms around every corner, old shutters, a private chapel… I could go on but I will let the pictures do the talking. Michaela and Matt’s wedding included all of the following and more… Roses, poetry, pre-wedding gifts galore, Champagne, sumptuous cuisine,  impromptu Irish dancing, a string quartet, the cutest flower girls and page boys, Jimmy Choo shoes, an incredibly beautiful car belonging to (and made by) Michaela’s dad, a stunning, eye-poppingly gorgeous dress, a surprise in the form of friends of the Bride and Groom who happen to be in an amazing band and had driven from the UK to kick off the evening celebrations, tears, laughter and lots of love.   Thank you Michaela, Matt and all of your family for making me feel so very welcome.  It was genuinely such a privilege to be there and capture your special day.   Here are a few sneak peeks,   …many, many more to come.   Lx 2015-08-06_00012015-08-05_0011 2015-08-05_0009 2015-08-05_0010 2015-08-05_0018 2015-08-05_0007 2015-08-05_0013 2015-08-05_0012 2015-08-05_0014 2015-08-05_0015 2015-08-05_0019 2015-08-05_0020 2015-08-05_0017 2015-08-05_0023 2015-08-05_0022 2015-08-05_0024 2015-08-05_0025   2015-08-05_0049 2015-08-05_0050 2015-08-05_0044 2015-08-05_0021 2015-08-06_0003 2015-08-06_0004 2015-08-05_0051 2015-08-05_0006 2015-08-05_0005 2015-08-05_0004 2015-08-05_0047 2015-08-05_0046 2015-08-05_0002 2015-08-05_0039 2015-08-05_0043 2015-08-05_0036 2015-08-05_0038 2015-08-05_0040 2015-08-05_0041 2015-08-05_0042 2015-08-05_0052 2015-08-05_0031 2015-08-05_0032 2015-08-05_0033 2015-08-05_0034 2015-08-05_0035 2015-08-05_0030 2015-08-05_0028 2015-08-05_0029 2015-08-05_0027 2015-08-05_0026